Thursday, November 3, 2011

AMBIANCE Final products and Results on European Shared Treasure (EST).

Our project's results and final products are published on the website of EST Database:

All the partners have sucessfully submitted their final reports to their respective NA's before the deadline of 30th September 2011.

Congratulations to everybody!!!

6th Partnership Meeting, 13-17th June 2011, Sevilla, Spain.




20.30 Dinner with participants near the hotels Meeting at the: “Restaurant Horacio”

C/Antonia Diaz, n-9 - Sevilla Depending on partners arrival

Tuesday, 14th June 2011 - 1st MEETING DAY


9.30 Welcome and visit city guide: Plaza de España, Torre del Oro, Cathedral, Santa Cruz neighbourhood. Meeting point: ONECO’S Office

C/ Reyes Católicos, 11, Staff and learners.

11.30 – 12.00 Return to ONECO’ s Office: Coffee break

12.00-14.00 Discussion about the improvements made in the projects products:

- Game: questions, challenges

- The production of the game, Staff

14.00 - 15.30 Lunch in the Restaurant : “Las Piletas” Restaurant address:

C/ Marqués de Paradas, 28, Sevilla, Staff and learners.

15.30- Continuation of the discussion about the improvements made in the projects products:

- Game: questions, challenges

- The production of the game

Discussion on the Final Report:

- Documentation to present and submit at national level

- Part of the report made by the coordinator

- Part of the report made by each partner- … ONECO’S Office

C/ Reyes Católicos, 11, Staff

17.30 End of the 1st meeting day

20.00 Dinner in the city centre- sightseeing – flamenco Meeting point to be decided Staff and learners

Wednesday 15th June 2011- 2nd MEETING DAY


9. 45 - 10.05 Going to IES Jacarandá Brenes by train Meeting point: “Santa Justa Train Station”, Staff and learners .

10.45-13.30 1. Visit the IES Jacarandá - Brenes (Sevilla)

2. Dissemintaion conference in IES Jacarandá:

a. Presentation of the project and project results:

i. Each partner will made a presentation of 10 minutes explaining the activities they carried out in the project

b. Play role of the game with the learners Staff and learners

14.30- Lunch in Carmona Staff and learners

16.30 Visit to Carmona village Staff and learners

19.00 Coming back to Sevilla Staff and learners

20.00 Free time –night

Thursday 16th June 2011- 3rd Meeting Day.


9. 30 Going to Cadiz by train Meeting at : Train Station Santa Justa

Train is at 09.45, Staff and learners

11.00 Visit Cadiz and going to the beach :

- Free time for lunch

LAST TRAIN IS AT 20.05 Coming back to Sevilla Trains each hour to coming back to Sevilla

21.30 Dinner in Alameda quartier or free time Meeting point: Plaza de la Encarnación

Friday 17th June 2011- 4th meeting day

Departure of all Participants.

5th Partnership Meeting, 23-27th March 2011, Klaipeda, Lithuania.


Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Arrival to Klaipėda

19.30 Dinner at the restaurant near the Hotel (restaurant “Friedricho pasažas”)

Thursday, 24 March 2011


08.00 Breakfast at the hotel in Klaipėda

9.00 9.15 Meeting participants at the hotel, going to meeting place in College of Social Sciences

9.30 11.30 Participation in international conference MANAGEMENT. ECONOMY. SOCIETY. Changes and countries sustainable development (STAFF AND LEARNERS)

11.30 12.00 Welcoming words by:

Ms Reda Mikalauskaite, Head of project management centre of host organisation

Mr M. Efrem, on behalf of Project Co-ordinator (STAFF AND LEARNERS)

12.00 12.45 Discussion on the work done while implementing project activities and reaching project aims and objectives (moderator – Reda Mikalauskaite) (STAFF)

12.00 12.45 Free time for learners

12.45 14.00 Lunch at city restaurant

14.00 18.00 Visit Palanga Amber museum, the main cultural sights in Palanga (an example of Module 6),

19.00 Dinner at local restaurant in Klaipeda

Friday, 25 March 2011



09.30 11.30 Discussion of next project activities (what remains to be done till the end of the project and final meeting in Spain):

-Discussion on project dissemination and main project results

11.30 12.30 Discussion on meeting with learners and testing game board, preparation for the game board


10.45 11.45 Visit THE HISTORY MUSEUM OF LITHUANIA MINOR (module 6)

11.45 12.30 Sightseeing Klaipeda old town


12.30 14.00 Lunch at city restaurant

14.00 15.00 Visit a Youth Centre Open society (Atviros erdvės jaunimo centras)

15.00 17.00 Testing board game (according improved questions): design of the game (in mixed groups – staff+learners+CSS students) and evaluation of board game

18.00 19.30 Dinner

Saturday, 26 March 2011



10.30 14.00 Visit to Lithuanian Sea museum (module 6)

14.00 15.00 Lunch at city restaurant

15.00 17.00 Free time

19.00 Dinner

Some of participants departure from Ryga (time depends on the flights)

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Departure from Ryga (time depends on the flights)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Video links from partners.


Dear Colleagues,

the video of our meeting in Potenza can be seen on the following our web postal page:



Antonino Imbesi


Here are two links I would like to connect to the Multikultura

Best regards


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

4th Partnership meeting, 3-7th October 2010, Potenza, Italy.

03.10.2010 Sunday
Arrival of participants in Italy
Participants start arrivals in Potenza
Accommodation in hotel
Free time

04.10.2010 Monday
09:00                 Breakfast in the Hotel (at bar only!!)
09:45                 Meeting in Hotel. Let’s go to our office (only 100 meters from the hotel)
                         Arrivals of all partners who might stay overnight in Rome or Napoli
10:00-13:00     Project meeting
§  Re-planning of project to allow for changes in focus that have arisen naturally during first year – re-allocation of tasks
§  Discussion of next course sections to be developed and tested
§  Discussion of accreditation possibilities, within individual partner countries
§  Discussion of focus for possible follow-on project
§  Discuss and review dissemination strategies
§  Allocation of tasks until next meeting
§  Any other business (subjects suggested by partners: Website (Cyprus), Video (Poland))
14:00                 Common Lunch in the hotel
15:00-17:00     Project meeting
-          Last project indications by the coordinator
-          Determining the exact dates of the next meeting

-          Evaluation of the meeting
21:00                 Common Dinner in Hotel OR town restaurant.

05.10.2010 Tuesday
09:00                 Breakfast in the Hotel (at bar only!!)
10:00-13:00        -       Documents for presence in Italy
-        Payment of travel agency **
-          Train reservation for your departure (for who need it)
-          Departure of participants
14:00                   Lunch at the Hotel
15:00                   Trip to Matera (OPTIONAL)  (about 20-25 Euro per person. It depends from the number of participants coming in Italy) with a bus reserved for us
16:20-20:30     Arrival in the town. Visit of Matera and its Sassi of Matera
20:30                 Dinner in a Restaurant in Matera to see  Matera by night (25 Euro per person).
22:00                 Return to Potenza with bus

06.10.2010 Wednesday
08:00                 Breakfast in the Hotel (at bar only!!)
                            Take your packet lunch in the hotel
                              -Departure  of first participants
09:00                 Trip to Pompei (OPTIONAL- Without escort from Italian partner) ((about 20-25 Euro per person. It depends from the number of participants coming in Italy) with a bus reserved for us
10:30-13:30     Arrival in the town. Visit of Pompei excavations
14:00                 Lunch in restaurant
14:30-18:30     Visit of Visit of Pompei excavations and Cathedral
18:30-20:00     Return to Potenza with bus
21:00                 Free time

07.10.2010 Thursday
Departure of  all participants

Friday, August 13, 2010

AMBIANCE Breaking News: Active Citizen on early retirement!

AMBIANCE Active Citizen of Europe John Cockburn said to our blog:
''I hope you are all well and enjoying the summer break.
I am taking early retirement from my job at Northumberland College - which means I will no longer be UK co-ordinator for the AMBIANCE project. I am pleased to be taking early retirement however it is sad not to be able to see the completion of this splendid project. So I wish you good luck in the future and look forward to playing the completed board game in my retirement - along with running and cycling etc!
If any of you are visiting the North East of England in the future email me on and I will give you a guided tour of beautiful Berwick upon Tweed!''

AMBIANCE partners wish John all the best and enjoy Actively his retirement!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

4th Partnership Meeting. 3-7 October 2010, Potenza, Italy.

Next Meeting is confirmed for October.
It will be hosted by EURO NET and take place in Italy, Potenza between 3-7 October 2010
(4th-6th Oct. being the working days).

Partner participants may take a flight to Rome or Napoli (near Potenza).

If you fly to Napoli then you can take the train to Potenza, it takes about 2.5 hours.

If you fly to Rome, you take the train from Airport to Roma Termini Station (45-50min.) and then a direct train to Potenza (4 hours). The train ticket is 45-50 euro per person for 2nd class.

About the hotels in Potenza: our Italian partner is on summer holidays now and when they return will give us more details!

Agenda will be prepared and send by the Italian partner in September.

Info will be posted also on the project's blog:  

Some information about Potenza: